A Closer Look At the DOMINO
(we'll get to the details and their applications later)

Here's the heart (and muscle) of the DOMINO system. Notice the built in, rather than added on, dust extraction port. Push foreward on the power switch to turn it on. Rather than have to try and pull it back to turn the power off you need only to press down on the back of the spring loaded switch. Want to increase the width of the tenon? Turn the green nob with the three lines of different lengths. That nice BIG front grip isn't that way just for looks - it provides good grip with either hand - and when the fence is horizontal for end grain mortising, or vertical mortising it puts the heel of your hand down on the top of the fence/table.

Want to change bits? Push the end of the wrench in this little slot on the top of the unit and the fence pops off. Push the little button no the side of the unit to lock the spindle shaft for easy bit changes.

Would be nice if the wrench stored on the unit. Guess Festools didn't think of EVERYTHING.

Oh - there is one other catch to this thing. The bits - only from Festool - thread ons - with special grinds on the end. ONLY $27 to $30 a pop. But when you think about it, you'd pay about the same amount for a decent quality spiral router bit, and twice that - or more - for a high end spiral router bit.

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