The built in retractable "stop pins" on the DOMINO are really handy for referencing a mortise off a Reference Edge / End. But what if you want to place a mortise centerline farther from an edge / end than 37mm - for the stretchers of a table for example. Well Festool thought of that - outriggers. Slip one into the dovetail slot on either side of the base of the DOMINO, turn the cam lever and lock them on. Loosen the thumb screw, slide the outrigger stop pin down to where you want it and tighten the thumb screw. Note that there are "teeth" that register the stop pin in discrete one millimeter steps. Nice - andvery easy to set both the left and right outrigger stop pins to the same distance to the mortise centerline. VERY handy - very fast and very accurate - consistently.

Here's an application for the outriggers - for a pair of 5'6" wide, 7' long gates - out ofpressure treated 2x4s. Not exactly a furniture project but hey - the gates are wood. Oh - and those retractable stop pins - well they register against even the sharp edge of a mitered part. And please note the time it took to cut four mortises on each end of a gate part - 2 minutes and 22 seconds - including clamping, unclamping and walk time from one end of a seven footer to the the other. The speed of a biscuit joiner but the strength of a quadruple mortise and tenon joint. Try THAT with a Leigh FMT. Did I mention that there were NO layout lines?