All of the bench's base unit have been finished and dry fit one last time before the glue up.
Finally able to see all the finished parts together.

The base drawer unit up on blocks and shellaced

The shelf under the bench and the bottom "plate" with multi-coats of button lac

And the legs with birdseye maple ply panels

All dry fit together from the left

And from the right

Some details up close

(If you look closely at the center image in the collage above you may notice a dark line on the drawer side of the leg with the through tenon. That was a screw up - routed a dado for the birdseye maple ply panels on the wrong face of one leg. Will show you how I fixed it later - honest)

Here's The Vanity Shot - the drawers detail.

Turn off the liights and close the door for the night. Looks so small on the 4x7 assembly bench

Next up - the hairy part - glueing up all those mortise and tenon joints - at the same time. Well, not all of them at one time - just 48 of them at one time. So let's see how that went --->

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