Earlier I pointed out a screw up on one of the legs of the bench. Had routed a dado for the birdseye ply panels on the wrong face of the leg. Could have tried inlaying a strip of the same wood used for the leg - but didn't have any long enough. Did have some 1/4 inch walnut and an inlayed walnut line might turn a screw up into a feature. Ripped a piece on the bandsaw and checked it out. Looked OK so I routed dadoes into all the other legs. Glued them in and when the glue dried planed the walnut strips flush with the faces of the legs, a little cabinet scraping and a coat of 50-50 paint thinner and tung oil... A Feature!

It would have been nice if I could have done another walnut line on the other side of the leg as well but the walnut draw peg holes complicated things. Thought about doing a walnut line with a peg circle at each end - ruled it out for now since that would take some careful cutting. Will keep the idea in mind for some future project or screw up.

While waiting on the leg levelers, and with help from a friend, the base unit FINALLY got off the assembly bench and onto the floor. Here it is, serving as a bench seat for two of my young woodworker friends, Jess and Chantal (sisters).

The draw pegs haven't been driven yet because I'm waiting on the leg levelers. I'd seen these things in Scott Landis's work bench book as I recall - a neat feature Michael Fortune found. The beauty of this type of leg leveler is that it can be adjusted from above with an allen wrench and it's unobtrusive. No more laying on the floor with an open end wrench trying to see a level bubble while trying to keep the wrench on the adustment bolt. They're not cheap - $15.55 each plus $0.75 for the T-nut AND there's a $100 minimum order so I ordered two sets - a friend will be building his bench eventually. The foot swivels so it will adapt to a shop floor that is less than perfectly flat.

You can find these and other leg levelers at www.cal-fasteners.com/leveling-mounts.html. The allen head versions of the leveling legs are identified as BR or Broach heads. Cal-Fasteners' phone number is
714-851-1715 - ask for Herb and tell him they're for a wood workers bench.

So let's get to doing the joinery for the apron - put off for at least 3 months ---->

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