ALL TOGETHER NOW, ALL TOGETHER NOW, all together now . . .

The next morning it was 30 minutes of taking off clamps and putting them back in their wracks for next time. And then it was time to put all the parts together - ALL TOGETHER NOW After nearly a year, I was finally standing next to my Real Workbench. Clamp the stock there, stand here - yup - planing using the shoulder vise will work nicely. Stand here and it'll work great for cutting dovetails, stand over here and sawing tenons will work nicely. The drawer pulls are back out of the way and the tray under the bench is close and relatively easy to get to, though I may need to remove some of the top of the drawer unit's upper stretcher.

With several coats of teak oil, the apron shouldn't be quite so bright but will still be a nice contrast to the darker base unit with its drawer fronts and legs.

The Veritas Twin Screw Vise isn't installed yet. That'll be done after the top has been flattened and spline joined to the apron. Only then will the rosewood rub blocks under the two vise screws be installed and screwed in.

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