Put the top back together - AGAIN - this time with the All Threads. Nice thing about dovetails and mortise and tenons - you can put them together, take them apart, put them together again, take them apart - again, ...

And THAT is going to come in handy because - I've decided to have some "square" dog holes in the front apron. Big surprise, I don't yet have a "square" dog to use to layout the holes. Woodcraft,, 60 miles away, has ONE on hand and, if I order a pair - about $30, they'll loan me the black one they have in stock. If I include gas and wear and tear on the Miata running around getting stuff for this bench this "build it myself and save a bundle" I probably would alread have two Ulma benches - a spare always comes in handy.

So here's the top - with the vises installed (OK, so I've got a coulple of screws and lag bolts to install for the Twin Screw but close enough).

And here's a detail showing the shoulder vise

How to connect the top to the base posed a problem. You can't bolt the top to the base because both are made of wood - and wood changes dimensions with changes in moisture content which changes with temperature and humidity.( By happenstance, the stretchers of the base and the core of the top are both maple. In theory, both should move together.) Frank Klausz's bench has a large domed "pin" in the top of both ends of the base unit and, a correspoinding hole in the bottom of the bench core.

I don't know about you, but I don't think I could drill holes in the underside of the core of the top precisely enough to have them align snuggly with domed "pins" in the top of the base unit. I can drill holes of a specified size and I can screw parts together. So here's my method. Will report back on how it worked out.

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