Then it was back to getting the top connected to the base. Did this succesuly - Hoo-Freakin' - Ray!

Finally installed the Veritas Twin Screw Vise without incident. Chain went on without any hassles, the chain cover screwed on and the handles put on. Sweet - with the vise installed I could finally get to the round dogholes.

So it was fun and games drilling 3/4" diameter round dog holes - THROUGH the 3 1/2 inch thick maple core. Did you know that 3/4" Forstner bits won't drill a hole through 3 1/2" stock? Luckily, I'd bought a forstner bit extension. Unluckily (is there such a word?), it used four set screws to hold the bit. Those set screws stuck out beyond the hole the 3/4" forstner bit made. That meant grinding them down to a shorter length. A flex shaft, a small grinding wheel,some burned fingers (grinding wheels generate HEAT!), a set screw dropped and lost in the sawdust and chips on the floor and it was back to drilling holes.

By focusing on the spacing of the holes and making sure none were directly over the supports on the base, I overlooked another critical constraint.

I'll put a maple dowel in this screw up later.

I also discovered that when drilling deep holes with a Forstner bit, you have to clear out the chips after every 10 seconds of drilling - OR - the bit can get stuck in the hole, wedged in nice and tight by the packed curlies above it. Getting the bit out is a real PITA.

Before turning out the lights for the night I took these shots of DAS BENCH

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