PARTS MARKING SYSTEM - Keeping Track of What Goes Where - AND - How.

The parts for the front frame were layed out on the assembly bench and lines were drawn on pairs of parts where mortises were to be cut. - and then the parts were labeled using The TRIANGLE MARKING SYSTEM.

Here's how the parts were marked. You don't have to use colors, lines with a No. 2 pencil work fine. You can remove them later - with an eraser, or alcohol. If you're working with dark wood - use chalk.

After cutting the grooves and the mortises on all the parts the front frame was glued up. The side was dry fit but couldn't be glued up until a) how the panels are to be made (just ply, ply with applied wood panels or solid wood raised panels), finished and installed. Here's what was done by the end of the three day weekend. Good thing I've got a 4x7 assembly bench.

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