Here's The Plan for Weekend #2 on this Linen Cabinet Project - making the rail and stile doors - and maybe - just maybe get the door panels stock glued up the first day and - fingers crossed - make raised panels - with a raised panel bit on Sunday. (Note: We only got less than a half day in over the weekend . My place was being reroofed and there was a barbeque I had to at least make an appearance at and some things that came up on the Mentoree's schedule that weren't foresee)n.

Here's what Paula had for Saturday - the door frames day

If you want to go through the theory and math of calculating raised panel size or want to know more about working with a Rail, Stile and Panel Rasing Router Bit Set - click here for 9 pages - with plenty of labeled diagrams and accompanying text. CLOSE that window when you're done to get by here.

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