What's the best way to make Pointy Sticks? (I only have $9,000 budgeted for tools)

I'm afraid your tool budget is a bit thin and you've completely overlooked supplies. You really need:

- a Felder sliding table saw ($12,999.95 US)
- an Aggazzinni Precision Point Maker (12 Billion Lira - thats $5 US and change )
- a Beesmyear miter saw table system ($291.50 US)
- a DynaChopMaster III 18 inch compound miter saw with digital angle read out ($3,400 US)
- a Forrest WW XIVMMDL 300 tooth ATB thick kerf saw blade ($849 US)
- a complete set of Stubai carving chisels (4 DM or $15,000 US)
- 200 sheets each of abrasives in 80, 120, 150, 220, 320, 400, 500, 695 and 10000 diamond grit


E-mail a DWG file of the Pointy Stick you want made to that little shop in China, along with a quarter, wait four days and receive 100 Pointy Sticks, in rosewood.

Don't tell SWMBO abut the China thing. And tell her all the equiptment is necessary to make her those custom knitting needles (they're really justl ong thin Pointy Sticks) she's been dreaming about having.