This is a plan for a Point on the Right - Golden Rectangle Point - Pointy Stick. We've left the Length up to you in an attempt to foster creativity.

A plan for a Point on the Left - Golden Rectangle Point - Pointy Stick, Version 1.0 is scheduled for release in the spring of 2005, with a plan for a Point on the Both Ends - Golden Rectangle Points - Pointy Stick. to be available in late 2005.

Our R & D Department is developing other versions of The Pointy Stick and testing is being done on multiple prototypes right now. We will have a press release shortly and are negotiating with the FOX Broadcsting Advertising Department on our ad costs so watch your local cable FOX channel for a Fair AND Balanced Report, tentatively titled "Pointy Sticks! AMERICA's Answer To Terrorism?" on the O'Riley Fear Factor show. You won't want to miss this one - you and your family's safety may be at stake! (pointy stick - stake - get it? nudge - nudge - wink - wink)

BONUS - because we value discerning customers like YOU we've included ABSOLUTELY FREE! this plan for a Stickley Style - Truncated Golden Rectangle Point - Square Pointy Stick with black detail accents. A Jet Black Sharpe Pen can be ordered with this FREE PLAN! for a small additional charge of $24.95, including S& H (limited to orders shipped within Rhode Island - other locations will require additional shipping costs so just send us a signed blank check and we'll fill in the amount based on your specific shipping zone. The additional shipping fee will be on the invoice included in the shipping container for your order).

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