One Woodworker's Review of The JoolTool Sharpening System

If you've attended one or more of the Wood Working Shows, you've probably walked by the Jool Tool booth and have seen something like this - pretty girl, cute little red and white plastic toy thing that looks like it should come with a Barbie doll - and just kept right on walking.


If you use cutting tools - hand planes, chisels, gouges, carving tools, whittling knives or turning tools - you may have just walked by the solution to most, if not all, of your sharpening needs. That cute little red and white plastic toy looking thing,, with what look like Ninja throwing stars, is the proverbial wolf in sheeps clothing - a metal grinding beast that can also hone and polish to a razor sharp, mirror finished edge - in less time than you'd take just setting up a grinding jig or getting out your sharpening stones or Scary Sharp float glass plates. I know, I've got, and have used them all - india & arkansas stones, japanese water stones, 1" vertical belt sander, Scary Sharp, the Tormek and a grinder with the Wolverine jigS (plural) and Norton "stones" wheels.

Here's what comes with the M-2000-PKG package two years ago.

And here's what comes with the NEW M-2000-PKG

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