Here are more tool racks.They all fit in either door of either of my two wall hanging tool cabinets. Each can easily be removed and taken to the workbench.

The skew chisel at the bottom of this one is held with a pair of earth magnets in a block glued to the bottom of the rack.

Here's a detail of this rack. Note the slidng dovetails.which hold the sides together snuggly.

Butt chisels and a pair of crank necked corner chisels (great for gleaning out corners - duh!)

Carving chisels are like potatoe chips - bet you can't stay with just the ten you thought would do everything you'd ever want to carve)

Riffler files, like carving tools, proliferate. Because of their shapes they don't lend themselves to putting them vertically in a rack. This rack uses slding dovetails and offset notches to hold 14 riffler files. Despite a bit of planning, I have space for 14 files but own 16 riffler files. OOPS!

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