Split Bowl

You may have seen a piece or two by Marilyn Campbell, Stephen Hatcher or Alan Carter. Though their styles are quite different, they all use the Split Bowl technique to create their pieces. The central element of their pieces ARE turned - but HOW is not obvious - or wasn't obvious to me - until I saw the YouTube video of Alan Carter's demonstration of the method. CLICK HERE to see that video. (Close that window when you're done with it)

All three artists use the Split Bowl technique to create these pieces - and YOU can add this technique to YOUR turning bag of tricks. Here's the basics of the technique. It's surprisingly simple to do. Using it as well as Marilyn, Peter and Alan do - well that takes a bit of creativity. Basically, you turn a shallow bowl, saw it in half and glue the two halves together. You can then glue a thin flat piece of wood on top to create a sealed hollow form or leave the top open and play with finishes on the outside AND the inside. If you put a hole in the bottom of the shallow bowl you can play with all kinds of combinations

OK - so now for the basics of the turning process.

SO - are YOU going to try this idea out?

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