One Eye, One Ear, Six Legs?

I saw this weird little micro robot at, of all places, Radio Shack, priced at $12.95. Looked interesting so I said "What the hell - a little robot for $13 - I'll take one". I'm always on the lookout for ways to add actual movement to my wood turnings.

(HexBug's CRAB micro robot - shown about actual size)

When I got home I discovered that this thing has TWO, count 'em TWO sensors on it. One detects the presence or abscence of light, and one "listens" for a loud noise, like a hand clap, and "feels" for vibration - like a tap on its "head" - or on the floor or table near it. Any of those things will either set it off waddling along, crablike, or, if it's already waddling along, cause it to stop - and look and listen.

EUREKA! ideas started popping into my head - the resulting pieces and their development follow.

A Scurying Sugar Bowl

A Startling Ginger Jar

More To Come (three more ideas using HexBug's CRAB are in development)

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