For some reason, a lot of folks are convinced that "I'm just not very creative." and confine themselves in that mindset "box". The implication in "I'm just not creative." is "and I can't LEARN to be creative."(Actually, it's "I can't UNLEARN how to NOT BE creative.").

Maybe it's the word "creative" that's one of the mental blocks. I personally don't think it's possible to "create" - if it literally means making something out of nothing. The Big Bang may have been creative - but we mere mortals are pretty much limited to synthesizing - combining existing things and ideas in a new way they've never been combined before - producing - something "new". So if "creative" gets in your way, think synthesis instead - or - combiner - as in combining Idea A with Idea B.

As a species, we humans are pretty good at synthesizing - it's built right into us - including you. So even if you can't think of yourself as being creative, at least acknowledge that you can be good at "combining" or synthesizing.

Here's what we're going to do. Go through at least the first two - and then you can jump around to any of the others - or come back later and check out any of the other approaches in any order that strikes your fancy.

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HOW we were taught to learn can discourage creativity

Getting around the Linear Thinking we were taught to use (BRAINSTORMING - an approach to UNLEARNING how to NOT be creative.)

Brainstorming Method #1: Playing with SEEDS - start with a "seed" and let it trigger associations / ideas

An Actual Brainstorming session using Brainstorming Method #1 - Start with the "seed - HOLES.
(NOTE: When you're done with this one - close that window to get back here)

Brainstorming Method #2: No Dis-Assemble! ( An obscure quote from the 1986 movie Short Circuit - a quote from Johnny 5 - a robot )

Brainstorming Method #3: Change The Scale You're Thinking In ( when you stop thinking IT has to be one of THESE - in THIS size range )

Brainstorming Method #4: Add Movement ( Why do woodworking projects have to end with a static object? )

Brainstorming Method V - Who said it had to be round - or symetric? Why not change both "centers" - or keep one and keep changing the other?

Brainstorming Method #6: Why can't what you see, or THINK you see - change?

Brainstorming Method #7: What about SOUND - preferably a pleasant or interesting sound?

Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone ( I only do things that I'm good at doing?)

Who said your next piece has to be all wood, or any wood at all?

Find A Kid (and let him or her come up with something - "You should make - a piggy bank - that looks like - a pinnaple?) Close trhat window when you're done.

Bubble Rising - 2D Cell Animation Idea - Applied to Actual 3D

"Failure" is seldom FATAL.

Steal and Study


THING (think Addams Family)

Contributed Other ways of getting around the I'm Just Not Very Creative hurdle

Still thinking YOU can't be creative?

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