Compendium of "Captured Systems" for Hollow Form Turning

Here's one I got to play with - the Mini O - that'll work on JET mini/midi sized lathes.. There's also a Mighty O for full sized lathes. Price tag for the former - $400, for the latter - $500. Very maneuverable and relatively compact. The laser holding arrangement is pretty solid - not jitters and twitching that's apparently a problem on some of the other "captured systems". Getting the tool rest height and the rear "capture" thing set up right takes a little bit of trial and error, but once set it's really easy to use, even when you get fairly aggressive when cutting (actually more scraping than cutting),

A Wednesday Night Chat on the WoodCentral turning forum mentioned several other "captured hollowing systems" which I then went searching for and found the following (in no particular order.

Link to more about the Basham tools and how to use it on Kestrel Creek's site

Click here fo More Kobra Info and Pricing

Here's Stan Townsend's Elbo Tool, the earliest articulated "captured system".

This next one really intrigues me because
a) it'll fit on my JET mini/midi without sacrificing turning space
b) it's a different approach that looks like it has all the adjustability I can think of needing (oh sure - just wait)
c) looks like a pretty versatile, complete package deal - with laser - that looks pretty rock solid.(adjustability of the laser isn't clear)
d) the price is pretty good.

There's also a "full sized lathe" version The Monster Hollowing System available.

And here's one I missed - from Down Under (thanks to Adrien Coblentz for the heads up).

And thanks to Allen Neighbors for pointing me to the Spin Doctor's Hollowing Rig. Price starts at around $550 US.Download the pdf file on this thing for details

Thanks to  David Propst for adding the Vicmarc and ElboTool, along with the link about the Basham Hollowing Tool

Here's another UK system (thanks to John from rec.crafts.woodturning)

Poolewood prices for Reeks Deep Hollowing System

This is a first cut at surveying the hollowing systems out there. If you're the maker of any of these systems and feel I've left something important out, or don't want your product on this site PLEASE - e-mail me. If you know of a hollowing system I've missed - PLEASE - e-mail me.

Since putting this compendium together I checked them all out and decided - given that I'm turning on a JET mini lathe - the Mini Monster had the things I was looking for
1. ability to adjust the height of the cutting edge - easily - then secure it there
2. a laser - with an easy adjustment - that locks down and stays solid and fixed in the desired postion when locked down
3. full range of movement
4, flat spot on the shank of "slip in and set screw in place" shanks (set screws "dimple" steel and on a round shaft - that fits in a hole snug - that dimple can make pulling the shank OUT of
- or pushing it .IN to a hole a hassle.
5. everything you'll need to use it comes with it - including a range of tooling that are "extra - and at an extra cost" or not available on other systems - and spare set screws -with allen wrenches
6. under $400 - by $40 - INCLUDING shipping
7. compact for storing when not in use
8, Made in the United States
9. the ability to e-mail - or call - Randy - and actualy reach him - AND get answers to questions.

Click here for my initial impressions-of the MiniMonster - and with time - likes and gripes.

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