Jiggling Juglans Jugs

Our turning club'smonthl President's Challenge was to turn something that began with the letter "J".

I'd been playing with ideas to use spring wire/ piano wire to add actual movement to my turnings

Black walnut's species name is Juglans

The first hollow forms were jars and jugs.

Put that all together and you get Jiggling Juglans Jugs.

The jugs are black walnut thqat were hollowed from the bottom and a base turned to fill the hole. The "corks" are a fruitwood - with a small hole to put a the end of a small diameter spring wire. There's another small hole in the bottom of each of the jigs. The corks wire bottom of jug are CA glued. The corks are then inserted into the top opening of the jug below - allowing for adjustments to get things balanced.

When you tap the side of any jug in the stack - the whole column of jugs jiggle.

To see a YouTube video of the piece in action CLICK HERE

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