Unlike PARALLEL AXES, where the centers on the two axes remain the same distance apart along their entire lengths, with INTERSECTING AXES, the distance between centers along the axes get smaller and smaller as they approach the point where the two axes actually INTERSECT *the AXES POINT OF INTERSECTION. Note that the axes don't HAVE TO intersect within your blank. They CAN intersect above or below the ends of your blank.

Changing of the distance between centers affects the CROSS SECTION SHAPE because it changes the amount of overlapping of the circles turned on each axis (changes the size of the COMMON AREA's shape)`

[ Add side by side SketchUp Models of Parallel & Intersecting
- top & bottom centers, axes, overlapped cylinders, cross sections,

[ Add examples showing how where the axes intersects defines where the ROUND Cross Section occurs ]

[ Add examples of PRIMITVES on Intersecting Axes ]

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