Multi Axis Primer

Multi Axis Turning is based on some not all that obvious FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPTS of WHAT CAUSES WHAT - CAUSE & EFFECT. Once you have a basic understanding of these fundamental concepts - you can actually DESIGN multi axis pieces. Barbara Dill's articles on her Structured Approach To Multi Axis Turning ( opened the door to multi axis turning and I've been exploring this new frontier - virtually. ,

Here's the Table of Content for this Multi Axis Primer.

Go through it once to get a feel for things - then come back and study whichever subject(s) you're interested in. (You might want to bookmark this page since it's still under construction. Lots to cover and a lot of illustrations and videos to create.)

1. Intro to Multi Axis Fundamental Concepts

2. Multi Axis Terms & Definitions (words with agreed upon meanings make communication easier)

3. PARALLEL AXES (the easiest to understand type of multi axis turning)

4. INTERSECTING AXES (Axes that cross each other AND INTERSECT)

5. "TWISTED AXES (Axes that cross each other but DO NOT INTERSECT. )

6. PROFILE ALIGNMENT - Horizontally and Vertically

7. TRANSITIONS (When turning to ROUND on each axis - how do you TRANSITION from one axis to another?)

8. Laying Out The Centers and Marking Them

9. Methods of Knowing "Am I There Yet?" on Each Axis;

10. Methods of Holding Blanks.

11. SketchUp as a Multi Axis Design Tool

11. Tutorial on How To Use SketchUp

13. Designing Multi Axis Pieces

14. SketchUp Virtual 3D Models to Play With

15. Links to my YouTube videos on multi axis turning

16. Links to Multi Axis Turning Sites

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