Demystifying "Between Centers" Multi Axes Turning

Multi-Axes turning is interesting, fun and seems so simple.
1. Mount the blank on a pair of centers
2. Turn some of the Real Wood (as opposed to the "Air Wood" which you CAN'T turn since there's no wood in Air Wood - which is why it's called Air Wood)
3. Mount the blank between another pair of centers
4. Repeat 2 & 3 'til you're done
Simple and easy
- if you're not particularly concerned about what the finished muli-axes turning looks like.
- if you don't figure on turning another piece like the one you may have stumbled upon, lprobably by accident
- if you like Unpredictable / Random / Chaotic Outcomes . . .

Without an understanding of some basic concepts of multi axes turning, results can be be pretty unpredictable. Sometimes the result is nice and sometimes not so nice. Without a link between Cause & Effect multi axes turning can be a Hit or Miss Thing - confusing and chaotic.

Between Centers Multi Axes Turning requires a major change in how you, as a woodturner, THINK. Once you understand some of the basic concepts of multi axes turning, the shift in thinking will Lift The Veil of Mystery surrounding multi axes turning - and a whole new realm of possibilities will greet you.

We'll start wit the familiar - and obvious - and work into the less familiar and less obvious concepts. And then we'll get to some virtual 3D examples, still shots of some virtual 3D models and the SketchUp files their from, along with links so you can download a version of Google's FREE SketchUp or SketchUp viewer you can use to really explore things - and view from any vantage point.

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