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Demystifying Multiple Axes Turning

Multiple Axes turning is interesting, fun and seems so simple.
1. Mount the blank on a pair of centers
2. Turn some of the "Real Wood" to ROUND - or some of the "Air Wood" in which you can only turn ARCs / Parts of Round)
More about Real Wood and Air Wood later.
3. Mount the blank between another pair of centers
4. Repeat 2 & 3 'til you're done

Simple and easy
- if you're not particularly concerned about what the finished muli-axes turning looks like.
- if you don't figure on turning another piece like the one you may have stumbled upon, probably by accident
or try variations of something interesting

- if you like Unpredictable / Random / Chaotic Outcomes . . .

Without an understanding of some basic concepts of multiple axes turning, results can be be pretty unpredictable. Sometimes the result may be nice and sometimes not so nice. Without a link between Cause & Effect multiple axes turning can be a Hit or Miss Thing - confusing and chaotic.

To play with multiple axes turning you must . . .

With a link between Cause & Effect, DESIGNING a multiple axes piece, and actually turning the DESIGNED results, CAN be done. What follows are some BASIC CONCEPTS of multiple axes turning. Though the concepts examples are for Two Axes, Two Arcs Turning, they are applicable to any ARCS TURNING.

If you have questions about any of this stuff, feel free to e-mail me charlieb@acesscom.com.

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