Hitting The Nail On The Head^2

Cliches can be a great source for ideas to turn.

Turning small and playing with "spring wire" to add actual movement to pieces led to this next one - poplar hammer, nail and top of head, black walnut with parts "ebonized" with vineger and rust solution - and a piece of 0.015" diameter "piano wire" so the hammer moves if you breath on the piece ( I CAN turn small - that small - but can't turn curved AND round at that scale). Used a Razer pyrography unit and pen to burn in the details on the pedestal - more as a quick and dirty "I wonder what it would look like if . . ." thing. Should've dusted the piece off before taking the pictures.

The Head squared (Head^2) is because the hammer strikes the nail on the head and the nail in turn is on the top of the head - or at least the top of a skull - a little artistic license.

If you touch the piece or even blow on it the hammer starts moving. If you tap the pedestal on a table top the hammer will actually start hitting the head of the "nail"

Here it is at about actual size.

This is a fun little piece that folks like to play with.

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