This is the Table of Content page for a piece that ended up being an Editorial Piece - meant to distrub - and to raise awareness of a societal need. It's titled "Houston - We have a problem." - a tie to the Apollo Program, a time when we believed ANYTHING was possible and DID IT. That was before aspirations where met with 'WHERE'S THE MONEY GOING TO COME FROM?!" The return on THAT investment far outweighed the time, effort and money that went into the Apollo Program. Now we aspire to leave our planet and go, not to the nearby moon, but to another planet. But when the idea of On Demand Drug Rehabilitiation comes up - we're back to 'WHERE'S THE MONEY GOING TO COME FROM?!" - the return on the investment isn't even considered.

watch the YouTube video of this thing - in action

The Genesis Of A Micro Controller Controlled Behavior

An Idea For Using This Behavior

The Idea Evolved

Finding A Way To Move An Eyeball

Full Size Drawings (which identified a problem)

In Search Of A Smaller Eyeball & THE TURNING

Before You Can Do THIS - Ya Gotta Do . . .

The Wiring Diagram and MicroController Program

Three More Examples of Behavior Pieces

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