Playing With Movement: Oscillators: Springs

While at one of my favorite Wild Hare Ideas Parts sources - ACE Hardware (aka Los Gatos Hardware) - looking for a range of sizes of ball bearings for The Rain Stick - which, it turns out they carry - the set of little drawers next to the ball bearing drawers had - springs - little to medium sized springs - all sorts of medium to little sized springs - of different types.

I didn't realize how many kinds of springs there are - springs to be stretched, springs to be compressed, springs to bend and snap back - springs with loops to attach them with screws, springs with hooks on the ends to hang things from - springs from round wire, square wire and flat wire. Springs, springs and more springs - in all sorts of sizes.



Springs - something springing - up and down - in and out - left and right - AND - springs SPROINGing - in all sorts of directions.

Springs are a type of oscillator - hmmmmm . . .

I'd used straight spring wire for adding movement to a turned piece - why not try using - springs?

I'd done rocking, penduluming, finials - using a ball and socket joint - and a counter balance. A spring might allow for similar motion - without the counter balance. Hmmm . . .

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