Sometimes you do things - with no idea of why. But months, or maybe a year or so later, it becomes obvious why. The Three Sisters set was one of those Go With The Flow - and find out WHY later - things.

I'd turned two hollow forms months apart - one learning to use the MiniMonster hollowing system - and one for an idea that used a micro-robot to make a piece literally walk away when it "heard" a loud sound - like a hand clapping. The former developed some cracks and the latter was too heavy for the micro-robot to carry. The third piece was a vase I started out of olive - which had all kinds of internal checks - and I'd abandond. For some reason I kept all three - not knowing why.

When I started playing with a battery powered, programmable, micro-controller - I needed a turning to use the micro controller with to create a dynamic piece. These three abandoned pieces were perfect. Why I'd kept them was finally revealed.

Over the years I've had several crops of neighborhood kids hang out in the shop during the summer - and then through the year - or two - or three. Three of the current crop are sisters, actually two sisters and a half sister - Three Sisters. Two of the abandoned pieces are very similar in shape, the other noticably different.

Turned some parts to go with the abandoned pieces - collars and finials for the two "full sisters" and a lid and finial for the half sister. The reason why they're on pedestals will be explained later.

Let me introduce The Three Sisters and tell you a little about each one.

(click on one of the pieces to learn more about it - and details on the electronics and the software that drives it)

The one on the left was The Little Sister, now a high school freshman, In the last year or so she's shot up and become the tallest sister - so she's now The Youngest Sister - taller, but still slender. She's the extroveret of the sisters with an innate sense of syle - and frequently quite a chatter box. When she needs to be, she can be the one you can rely on to stay calm and take care of business.

The Middle Sister on the right is a junior in high school - and has plans for her future - which includes college. A classic "middle child" she's the grounded responsible one who watches out for everyone and assumes the role of parent often. She's the quiet one - who reacts subtly to everything going on around her.

The Oldest Sister is an enigma - a very well read, very intelligent, artistic, introvert - who abhors sunlight. Ten to twelve hours a day asleep and 8 to 10 hours On Line on one of her sisters' laptops. She figuratively goes out of her way to "hide her light under a basket" - though occassional glimpses of her artistic talent and her quick mind are occassionaly seen - but only briefly.

All I had to do now was to reflect some of each sister characteristic into their pieces.

I began with The Youngest Sister ---------->

Then on to The Middle Sister ------------->

And finally to The Middle Sister ------------->

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