Turned Lidded Boxes

Lidded boxes just beg to be opened. . And they're sort of like a puzzle "See if you can line up the grain." They are also like potato chips - you can't make just one.

You can do so many variations of a basic shape - in this case a "capsule".

This first pair used to be part of an old pine porch post. Notice how straight and tight the grain is.

You can make them short and wide or stretch them taller. The one on the right use to be a fence post.

With an integral finial - or with an Add On in a differet wood - variations are limitless.

You can change the "Look and Feel" by merely changing the finial
- from plain and simple - to kind of odd - all the way to semi-elegant

You can make them BIG

You can add a surprise inside -like this Nice One
(for more about this piece - with a scaled drawing AND a How To - click here)

If a five parts box needs a little lift - add a base to it - and you've got six parts.

And if you want, you can get whimsical - Drop IN The Bucket - AND Drop OUT OF The Bucket

Lidded boxes don't have to be round. They can be triangular - with the finial doing double duty as the lid
Interesting - yes?
(click here to learn how this three sided box was made).

NOW do you want to make your own Turned Lidded Boxes?
Click Here for a seven page step by tutorial you can download, take out to the lathe and make your own versions of a Turned Lidded Box.