These are last minute Christmas presents -for females with long hair - hair sticks, at close to actual size. Not so useful for bald guys - I tried.

These are great for learning control of a smaller (1/2") roughing gouge, a skew chisel and a spindle/detail gouge. Will also use up some scraps you just couldn't part with but hadn't a clue as to what to do with them. Half inch square, 10 to 12 inches long is all you need. And you can try different finishes on different woods, in this case maple, rosewood, bubinga, poplar and I think it's cherry, with Mahoney's Walnut Oil finish and some Johnson floor wax..

Now you can turn these "between centers", about half of the ones in the photo above were done that way, but it's a LOT easier if you chuck the drive end and just snug up the headstock live center. Here's the basic method I found seems to work fairly quickly and easily.

Next time you can't think of anything to turn (it can happen), find some scrap and do some hair sticks.

spoons? --->