Eccentric Turning Between Centers

At some point in your turning journey normal spindle turning will get boring. You may have seen some of Francoise Escoulen's eccentrc turnings and think "I've got to try that." Then you check the price of the Escoulen chucks and look for another approach - that's free. You'll find that turning some parts of a spindle "multi-centered" isn't all that hard.

There seems to be two ways to turn this type of eccentric piece

1. for each pair of centers, cut a cove at the point of least eccentricity (null point) and then turn a bead
...between each pair of coves

2. for each pair of centers, cut a bead at the point of least eccentricity and then turn coves to connect them

But blending the shapes together gets a bit trickier and figuring out a way to develop a "plan" of what you want to turn is even trickier. In an attempt to fill in this gap I've come up with a graphical method of planning an eccentric piece. The following procedure is for "beads first". Will put up a "coves first" example when it's done

another example using half coves on either side of the bead ---->

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