Having turned a bunch of pine, douglas fir and redwood I tried maple. What a difference! No tear out and no catches.Beads,coves, an ogee, a pseudo- mushroom cap . . . all from an exercise in Raffan's turning book. Formal Form #1 is part of my Sets series shown later.

Have a bunch of honey locust so decided to see how it turned. The skew and the Spindle Master worked adequately, though this wood seems prone to catching and the dark flecks in the grain are a bit distracting on a piece like this. Caught one of the upper corners on the tool rest (should have checked the clearance before turning on the power) and split the top so I wasn't able to turn the "bead, cove, bead" at the top to finish this thing off.

Indecision #1 was the genesis of what I call my Paradox Series.

Paradox: A tenet or proposition contrary to received opinion; an assertion or sentiment seemingly contradictory,
or opposed to common sense; that which in appearance or terms is absurd, but yet may be true in fact.

Here's the first intentional piece of The Paradox Series

The 60th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima prompted the second piece in the Paradox Series

The Rings of Redwood started out as a turning exercise - to cut a ring loose. After turning and cutting the first one (the bottom one) I liked the way the ring danced around when the lathe was turning. Vary the RPMs and the ring dance changed. So I turned the next three with different slopes and lengths to see what that did to their dance.

Another series I've begun is my Sets series. Up to this point my pieces had each been stand alone, each separate unto itself. But, at the end of a late night session on the lathe, while cleaning up, three of my pieces were sitting together, completely unitentionally. Their inter-relationship was instantly obvious and the title to this set was just as obvious.

When you start turning things - a lot - you start seeing everyday things - spun. Here, for example, is the first in my Punctuation Series

This one's going to require a little visualizing.

The third piece in this series may be a bit disturbing to the squeemish.

While doing some little "weed pots", one from my Alice In Wonderland series - "Drink Me".

And the next int that series - "The Mad Hatter's Hat"

AND - the Mad Hatter - with Hat - and Pedestal

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