Weed pots for dried flowers and the like are interesting and fun to turn. But what if you want them to hold a cut flower - in water?


You can get them in "lipped" or "unlipped", in diameters from 1/4" to 1" and in lengths from 3" to 6" - and they're inexpensive (note the avoidance of the word "cheap" - NOTHING in woodworking is "cheap". OK - so turners often play with free wood - but that's the exception to the rule - more than made up for by the price of most turning gouges and chisels).

Glass insert weed pots make nice little presents - Christmas, birthdays, Valentine's Day. They're fairly quick to turn, use a little more wood than their smaller cousins the dry weed pot, and get you to develop some more shapes and don't require any tricky hollowing. Drill an appropriately sized hole to the proper depth and you're done "hollowing".

Here are four examples - two in what I think might be apple, and two in apricot - all variations on a basic shape. The "captured ring" on the tall one was a tweek just to add a variation to a variation. The basic shape is Scandinavianesque - simple clean lines.

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