This is a piece I did for Marissa, my Daughters In Law , for Mother's Day (they have THREE kids - and they live seven houses away. Three grankids just down the street to play with!).

The final piece is about 9 1/2" tall and about 5 3/4" in diameter.
That's about a hand span wide and two hand spans tall - if you don't have a ruler nearby.

Though it looks kind of formal and traditional - it has a few surprises.
Here's one of the surprises.
A marble for the pupil, brushed on FastFolor Pealescent White as an undercoat, sealed with spray on clear lacquer, colored using three shades of PrismaColor translucent blues, a fine point black SHARPE for some flecking in the iris, translucent PrismaColor Red and Pink for the bloodshot eye look - then three coats of brushed on Golden's Thick Jell Medium to give it a Wet Look.

Inside the bowl there's another surprise - marbles. And there are grooves in the inside of the bowl for the marbles to roll in.
There are also marble grooves in the top of the "lid" - see.

If you would like to see where this idea came from - and how this piece evolved CLICK HERE.

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