These four 1/4-20 cap screws/allen head bolts secure Ray's Sliding Table to the X31's mortising table. They're available at most hardware stores, woodworking supply outfits like Lee Valley etc., along with the corresponding drill and tap. You'll need to drill and tap four holes in the cast iron table - not difficult to do. Just remember to oil the tap and IF THINGS START SQUEEKING, BACK OUT AND CLEAR THE CHIPS BEFORE YOU BREAK THE TAP OFF IN THE HOLE (DAMHIKT - Don't Ask Me How I Know This)

Here's the Sliding Table going on the X31 mortising table. This one's four feet long but yours can be longer or shorter - your call. Then add the Adjustable Fence going on the Sliding Table. Now you've got a longer table, a long adjustable fence AND a place to attach hold downs. Interesting yes?

So now you have a longer table with an adjustable angle fence and T-tracks for your hold downs. The things you can do with just these components singificantly expand the possibilities for using your horizontal mortiser. But wait - if you act now! - THERE'S MORE!!!

click here for the Micro-Adjustable Tilting Table WITH Custom Bolt on Fences ------->

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