With Ray's Sliding Table and his bolt on Adjustable Fence, with it's T-tacks for attaching hold downs, you've added a lot of versatility and control to your X31's mortiser. Ray has taken it one step further - adding a Micro-Adjustable Tilting Table.

A What!?

Here's the key - a slot headed, articulating footed bold (aka Leg Leveler). The beauty of this thing is that it's adjustable from the top with a screw driver. No trying to fit two wrenches in a tight space in order to make adjustments. Slick!

Alright - now that this secret's out of the bag here's how Ray exploits it in his Micro-Adjustable Table with bolt on fence(s)

Here Ray is setting the Micro-Adjustable Tilting Table, with a bolt on custom fence for a chair leg, to the angle on the sliding bevel gauge. Slick hu!?

Now let's put all the pieces together. Ray obviously put a great deal of thought into his jigs

If Ray's "jigs" will help you get more out of your mortiser and wuold like to thank him for sharing his ideas - with photos - e-mail me and I'll pass your messages on to Ray.

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