If things go horribly wrong while you're resetting up the joiner tables (ie - you loosened BOTH bolts on the hinge of the outfeed or infeed table) you've got a problem. Because of the location of the hinge, the joiner table wants to drop the outside end - and raise the cutter head end. Unless a) you have long arms, and b) more strength than I do, it's nearly impossible to raise the end of the table AND tighten one or both hinge bolts at the same time.

What you need are some sort of jack at three points - at the hinge and at each corner of the end of the table opposite the cutter head. Oh- and having a LONG straight edge is pretty handy too.

Why I didn't think of using Bessy clamps, one jaw mechanism reversed to allow it to spread the jaws apart rather than their normal mode of squeezing the jaws together - is a mystery. Once the idea popped in my head it was a DUH! moment. With the three points of quick adjustment as shown in the photo and illustration below, you can make fine adjustments around the X and Y axis, pivoting off the bolts that support the saws table side of the joiner table.

Comments, suggestions and constructive criticism are appreciated.

If you have come up with another method to perform this adjustment please e-mail me

New Bessy clamps let you remove and reverse the moveable jaw. The older Bessy clamps are easy to modify to permit this as well by merely filing or grinding off a little metal at the bottom of the clamp bar.

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