Getting the X31 off it's pallet can be a bit daunting - the unit weighs 1100 pounds.

Whatever you do, DO NOT TRY AND LIFT IT OFF THE PALLET unless you have a fork lift.

My machine came with instructions for getting it off the pallet and installing the mobility kit.

You'll need:
- one adult helper
- a crow bar or pry bar to lift one end of the machine a few inches
- a pair of 4x4s about 18 inches long
- a pair of 2x4s about 18 inches long
- four pieces of 1/2" ply 2" wide by 18 inches
- three 2x4s x 5 feet or longer
- a piece of 2x4 or 4x4 to act as a fulcrum for the crow or pry bar

Here's what you're going to do

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