The Dirt Cheap Productinos logo
motto was "door's always open"

Dirt Cheap Productions was a loose affiliation of people between the ages of 16 and 100 who lived around San Jose State College (wasn't a university back then) and put on free "concerts" and benefit "dances" for other organizations, primarily "activist" organizations. DCP was most known for the Aquarian Family Festival (or the 3 Day Be In) and for the Friday Night and later The Sunday Afternoon Street Dances at a site now occupied by the Center for the Performing Arts in Downtown San Jose.

It was a pretty loose but fairly efficient organization if barely controlled chaos is the same as "organized". DCP's strength was in the people. "If you see something that needs to be done and you know how to do it, then do it - if you feel like it" And there were people who could do all sorts of things. There were people who knew about sound systems, people who knew how to build sound systems, people who could move large heavy objects, people who could work with bands and agents, people who could work with city and college officials and deal with the police departments (suits and uniforms), people who could make posters, people who knew how to deal with kids on drugs (mainly Reds), people who knew how to stop people from starting fights and how to stop fights once one started, people who could work with the Hells Angels and the Gypsy Jokers (even though the two groups were at war with each other). There were spiritual people, a minister or two, and more than one atheist.

Dirt Cheap Productions brought people together for a few hours or for several days, provided a pleasant environment, plenty of good music, good "vibes", occassionaly free food and soft drinks and stuff that fond memories are made of.

Looking back, I'm amazed at how lucky we were to have been a part of that place and that time. If any of this sparks a memory and a smile then Dirt Cheap is still "doing it". If any of this gets you thinking "we could do that!" - well get off your butt and start working on it.

There are few last names, and a lot of aliases. If captured all you could provide was Fred the Devil, Terry the Rent-A-Cop, Chip the Sailor, Weird Larry etc. It was a very strange time. So here are some of the DCP crew.



Dennis 1 - into everything. He came up with the name Dirt Cheap Productions.
I'm certain the Free Wheelin' Frank character in the Fabulous Furry Freak Bros.
was based on this guy.

Dennis O - singer/songwriter - inept handyman at the time.
AKA: Dirty Pierre
Now a master wood worker in Oregon. Go figure!
That's Pat Simmons with the Prince Valiant hairdo in the background.


Mark F. - the only male living in a house with seven young women.
Lived in terror the whole time - they were all teases and they all had boyfriends!
Good at keeping things fun.
Now a college administrator in the Mid West


Jack R and Cindy
He: Wheeler Dealer, Light Show Guy
Now an LA Kind of Guy
She: Enjoyed the Buzz
Now who knows?

Gary W. - the mellowest activist I ever met.
Roadie, utility man, good person
Current location unknown.


This guy could cook - literally. For $5 he could somehow make
really good tasty meals for 20 people. You never asked what you
were eating, you just enjoyed it. He had a child like wonder and innocence
yet could make very profound statements. If anyone knows how to reach
him - please e-mail


(no photo available)
Arn got a head rush from cold milk! He knew most of the area's
FM radio station DJs and got us Air Time when we needed it.
He was also one hell of a Roadie and a nice person - a little goofy but nice.


Mike W.
(No photo available)
Mechanic, electrical and sound wizard.
"If it's broke Mike can fix it"
Only member of DCP with a pickup truck.
Now a successful Motivational Speaker and Business Man

Charlie B.
Point Man when someone had to deal with Suits or Uniforms
Roadie most of the time
Working for the City of San Jose
and still wearing Levis

John F.
Photographer and Wild Man
I took most of the photos for this site with his camera
(he was too spaced out to take pictures)
Now he's an IBM whiz and still a wild man!


Larry B.
A wealth of information and a great strategist.
Now a government official who works hard trying to make life
a little easier and a bit more fair.