Dedicated to Roy & Mary Hoch - who gave so much to so many for so long.
From one you helped on behlf of all you helped - THANK YOU>

This site was put together for the following purposes:

  • to perhaps give people born in the '70s and a few born in the 80s some idea of what was going on in their parents lives in their late teens and early twenties. (parents, get ready to do some explaining)
  • maybe bring back some memories for the Boomers - hopefully some pleasant memories and probably some scary ones too.
  • to sort of keep Jonah's Wail and Dirt Cheap Productions "alive" in cyberspace and in a few hearts.
  • to help reconnect some folks who "grew up" in the Sixties, in and around, San Jose State College and have lost touch with friends from that time and that place.
  • because I've survived over 50 years and it's time for some reflection?
  • I felt like it and it was fun!

Poke around and maybe you will discover something
interesting that you didn't know when you got here.
 This is a first attempt at building a web site. Please be patient
with this newbie. It will get better with time and participation.

Thanks for stopping by.
Charlie Belden