With the tenons of the drawer guides in their mortises it's time to cut the notches in the "stiles". The method was apparent - use the guides to guide the dozuki saw. Other than scribing the depth of the notch, the rest was done without any measuring. The bottom cut was easy - set the dozuki flat on the bottom of the guide and cut to the depth line.

But I couldn't use the top of the guide to guide the saw since it was slightly above the top of the male part of the guide. Left the extra space to prevent binding. So - I used the male part of the guide to guide the saw for the upper cut. Gave me the saw kerf's width as slop which isn't much with a dozuki. Nice, and simple.

A little chiseling, a little paring and one down, thirty one to go (8 drawers X 2 notches per drawer per end x 2 ends)

And here's what I had at this point.

The male parts of the drawer guides, all sixteen of them were ripped to 1/2" width from 3/4" stock and planed to fit each female guide. The drawers will be 16 inches deep and the male guides which will be attached to them are 19" long. That will allow the guides to extend 1 1/2" in front of the drawers, permitting almost complete access to the drawer and space for "handles / pulls" cut into the male guides.

Here are two ideas for the integral pulls. They're as unobtrusive as I can come up with so far.

Next it's the drawer dividers and then making the eight, front and back flush faced drawers, probably with half blind dovetails. The sides will be 1/2 inch poplar but haven't decided on what to use for the drawer fronts. Have some 4/4 birdseye maple and mahogany I can resaw down to 1/2 inch or I may go with some Padouk if I want to have the drawer fronts really stand out. Will probably go with the mahogany.

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