The thing about being IN THE ZONE,the place where things happen "just so", is that you don't know where you're going but just go with it anyway. Here's where this part of the visit went.

Kind of traditional spindle turning stuff right? Sorry the image isn't as crisp and clear as I'd like. There's a reason for that.

These pieces are too big for my camera's "macro mode" - and too small to get close enough to them and stay in focus in "normal mode". Cribbage pegs anyone? (Thanks to Kate from rec.crafts.woodturning for the suggestion)..

The "tenon / spigots" at the bottom are - 1/8" in diameter. For the metric visitor -that silver coin on the left is just under 18mm.

Oh - and for the tool junkies - these weren't turned with any special gouge or chisel endorsed by some famous turner - they were done with a plane old Buck Brothers 1/4" bench chisel and a 1/16th inch thick bayonet saw blade that I ground the teeth off of - the "handle" being a paper towel wrapped around one end.

And here are some more - in poplar. Turning these things is addictive. With so many shapes to play with and combine, and because these little pieces don't take much time to make, it's hard to stop. Just for fun I decided to see just how small I could go with the bayonet saw blade parting tool. The one on the right was the end of the road for this sojourn into THE ZONE. It tapers from 0.02" to a fat 0.03", turned from a half inch poplar dowel.

Like potato chips and M&Ms, these things are hard to walk away from. I'm sure there's a limit to how small I can go with them - but I haven't gotten there - yet.

Great stress reliever - and good for the soul - or whatever you want to call IT. The endorphin bursts are icing on the cake .

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