More Last Minute Christmas Presents.

Probably should've done a handful or two of these before trying hair stick. These puppies don't flex as you rough them to round and even at it's smallest diameter it still won't flex. Hair sticks - flex can become a bit of a problem.

Start with a 3/4" board, mark the center of each end, bandsaw close to handle's final width, and set it up between centers. A steb center on the drive side signigicantly reduces the consequences of a catch, something that can happen when roughing the handle to round. Word to the wise - and the less experienced turners - like myself. The flat part of these spoons, more accurately spatulas, are bandsawn close to the final shape then oscillating spindles sand to final shaped. Hand sand the spatula part to 320. No finish on these at all.

Sure wish I could get 120, 240 and 320 grit sleeves for the OSS.

For those who need plans to make things, here's a half scale "plan". Turms out the working end of these things has some criteria that are not obvious to someone who's not used one for actual cooking. The corners of the working end need a 1/4" radius because pots and pans are stamped out or turned so the sides don't meet the bottom at 90 degrees. And the bottom edge is not square to the sides but slanted - about 3 degrees. The slant direction is determined by the "handedness" of the intended user. The diagram below is for a lefty

If you're a spindle turner and haven't gotten to turning some of these . . .

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